About Us


Creating an experience that is refreshing for customers and profitable for our clients. 


Quinonez Management Group is a privately owned, national business consulting firm headquartered in Houston, Texas. Our company is responsible for sales, marketing, customer acquisition, and long-term customer retention. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies and other large corporations in service-based industries. They rely on our team to help drive revenue by acquiring new business customers through face-to-face conversations and customized presentations. With our strategy, we are able to create an experience that is refreshing for the customer and profitable for our client. 




Quinonez Management Group attributes our success to our entrepreneurial-minded team that specializes in acquisition and retention of business customers on behalf of large corporations. Overused strategies such as commercials, internet ads, and billboards are never part of our marketing approach at Quinonez Management Group. Our business-to-business campaigns are direct, widespread, and generate solid results.  We are proud of an exclusive organizational structure in which each member of staff is given the opportunity to participate in our Management Training Program.




For our Company we strive to build an up-and-coming organization of highly motivated individuals who want to grow and develop into successful business managers.

For our Employees we are committed to holding high standards that promote personal development and providing a career path that has opportunities for leadership and financial freedom.

For our Clients we create a necessity of our services by maintaining strong and lasting relationships with their customers.

For our Customers we will help them become more efficient in their businesses and provide the best service and experience possible.